Do you offer a warranty?

Removals begin the first weekday after the New Year's holiday and are typically completed in the first three weeks of January.

Each home or business is different and will have specific needs that can dictate exactly what we use for a particular display. But generally speaking, we use Commercial Grade C7 or C9 lighting. The lights are cut to fit the particular application which eliminates a lot of the "ugly" that is normally associated with traditional Christmas Lights. Our LED's are twice a bright as any other on the market and are guaranteed  by the manufacturer for 3 years.

No. If you don't already have lights, our quote will include all necessary lights & hardware to complete the installation and make it as simple and hassle free for our clients as possible. 

When will you take my lights down?

Christmas Lights Installed Murphy, Tx

No, there is no need to be home during the installation.

Light Rentals are available for Weddings, Parties and Special Events. However, due to the demand during the Christmas Holiday, we do not offer a rental service for the Holiday Season.

What Type Of Lights Do You Use?

Yes, we are fully insured to protect your home or commercial property. We work regularly with H.O.A.'s and meet their insurance requirements as well.

Do you rent lights?

Are you insured?

When can you hang my lights?

Our installations include a FREE bulb replacement service for the season.  Our LED's are the best and the brightest on the market and come with a 3 year warranty.

Do I have to be home for installation?

Installations are scheduled geographically to keep us as efficient as possible and allow us to continue to offer the same low rates we have since 2001. Most installations are completed by Thanksgiving. However, we are available for installations through the entire Christmas Season.

Do I have to buy my own lights?

Christmas Light Installers